lördag, februari 25, 2006

frozen by fear

lighting the first candleIt was not the frozen streets that stopped me from running for such a long time, but my fear. We have had several women attacked in Umeå since December and my fear of the dark (which I have had since a girl) has increased ten-fold. Consequently, I stopped running. I went to the gym a couple of times and ran on the treadmill, but it was just not the same. Instead of running in the crisp winter air, I have been doing a lot of yoga. I have really missed running, however. It was so much more than a way to get into shape, but a way to clear my thoughts and be silent with myself. After months of letting my fear paralyze me, I have decided it is time to lace up my shoes and screw my courage to the sticking point. After the first attack, I organized a take back the night march in an attempt to encourage women to not let one person determine her right to live and be out in the evening, yet I did not take my own advice. I did let my courage paralyze me! But no more. This is my declaration. I want to run again! I will not let the actions of one depraved man determine my right to be out and free. I am taking back my run!


Blogger steffanie said...

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Blogger steffanie said...

I think everybody agrees that what's happening in Umeå with this yet un-catched Hagamannen running around scaring a whole city is really crazy.

I totally understand your fear - and it makes me furious! What's wrong in a society when thousands of women let their lifes be dictated by one rapist?

You are probably not the only women in Umeå who decided to put away the running shoes. The sport clubs should do something: organize running evenings every night in diffrent places in Umeå so that women (and men) could join: taking back the running night!

Who is organizing Vårruset in Umeå? Can't they do something? Or do they expect the runners to show up without any training?

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Blogger Steph said...

Great point, Steff! I will find out if anyone is doing any running nights together and if not, maybe it is time to organize something!

10:20 fm  
Blogger BGAN said...

Steph, thanks for this strong post. You have all my support, eventhough it's from the distant Stockholm.


1:11 em  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks! Maybe the perfect way of taking back my run is to shoot for a new goal...something like Stockholm Marathon, maybe :-P

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