lördag, november 05, 2005

gearing up for the cold

Here in Umeå, we are experiencing switches between cold and less cold (would not really call it warm) weather. This is always a time of interesting throat weather for me. What am I talking about? Well, that time a year when inhaling deeply during a run just hurts as your lungs struggle to warm up the cool air. It seems to be a phase which my body adapts to quickly, but it also represents a time of slow running for me. It seems to take me longer to get around my favorite running paths, as well as demands a bit more energy. Soon, however, the snow will not melt as it falls to the ground and we norlanders will get to run while the snow falls softly around us, crunching under our feet as we plough on. Snow running can be quite a beautiful experience!
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Blogger BGAN said...

Jogging when it's snowing is fantastic (as long as there's no ice below). It's so silent.

I guess it's OK to jog in temperatures as far down as -15C, maybe even further down. Do you have any limit?

8:45 fm  
Blogger Steph said...

I LOVE jogging in the snow, and I can actually jog on ice better than I can walk on it (yeah, i am a bit weird :-P)

I ran 1.5 hours when it was -17 once, but it was too much! 10k at -15 is quite doable, though. If it is under -15, my runs are shorter. I don't run under -20 though.

6:07 em  
Anonymous guaysjogging said...

I agree, it is harder to rum now in winter time somehow more exhausting. But at the same time so lovely when its allmost dark and you see spots of light... oh when its snowy white--- i slowly die....

7:01 em  

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