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As some of you know, I am now a vegetarian (as of 5 months ago) and will begin to train for the Swedish Classic. As I am a newbie veggie, I am a bit unsure of what I need to eat to support a workout load that consists of 6-9 workouts a week. I have decided to make an appointment with a nutritionist. Have any of you tried this? I wonder if it would be beneficial or a waste of time.


Blogger steffanie said...

I am actually thinking about doing the same! I got one recomended here in Stockholm and will contact her in a week or so.

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Blogger Steph said...

I just emailed one here but she is on vacation until the end of this week. We can compare notes when we have seen them! So funny that we had the same thought!

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Blogger BGAN said...

It's always good to hear someone from the outside, so even if your visit to a nutritionist will not change your life, it may give you some good tips.

I think the challenge being a vegetarian and having the tough training schedule that you have, is not so much carbohydrates (rice, pasta etc) as the proteines. To get high quality proteins you need to combine different food. One good combination is to eat rice and black beans. Together they form high quality protein comparable to meat.

A nutritionist would be able to give you more tips like that.

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Blogger Steph said...

Ohhh, good tip! Thanks! One of my favorite meals is red bean and rice, Cajun style (are my southern roots showing!). I wonder if that would give the same benefit?

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