fredag, juli 29, 2005

travel running update and swedish classic question

An important part of my travels is exploring the environment on foot...running feet :-)

I just came back from Greece two weeks ago, but was able to get in some really great runs there. My travel companion and I had to run in the mornings due to heat. The first day I made the mistake of trying to run in the evenings as I do here, but it was just too warm and I ended up waiting until the next morning. We began on the sandy boardwalk and continued up a few large peaks, and ended by running through the village we were staying in. If I were to guess, I would imagine that it was somewhere between 10 and 12k. Running there was a great way to really get myself back into regular running. I even ran (although only 5k) with my almost 5 year old twins in the jogging wagon today. It actually went pretty well and just reconfirms that the strides I made in Greece were really made a difference.

So now the big question. For those of us that are going to attempt the Swedish classic in the coming year, how are you planning on training? I was thinking of training as if I were training for a triathlon and adding a lot of skiing. I know that my weakest event by far will be the swimming, so there will be a lot of concentration on that as well. Also, since I am a ‘motions’ runner rather than any type of elite athlete, I will probably end up doing two workouts most days to fit in all the different things that the tri takes. How about you guys???


Blogger Steph said...

This may be useful :-)

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Blogger BGAN said...

Lots of goodies can be found on that link. What program in specific do you have in mind?

I think it can be quite useful, but as the classic is spread out over the year, I guess you don't need to practise the quick switch between swimming and biking for example. And also you get time to focus more on the next comming event, that is, put in more hours of biking as you are approaching Vättern for example. As all events are very much directed at endurance, you will benefit from what ever training you do for one event in all the others.

I, myself, will stay clear of the classic, at least this year. I'm quite new in this circuit anyway, did my first half-marathon just some month ago, so if I can manage Lidingöloppet and Stockholm Marathon I'm quite happy. And if I'm still looking for more after that, I guess I'll go for some international marathons, combined with some serious touristing.

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