söndag, juni 26, 2005

Wagon Running

Still trying to get back into strong shape, I did not want to let yesterday go by without running. I have an amazing jogging wagon that I have been pushing my twins around in since they were 6 months old . Now that they are almost 5, they have gotten a little too heavy to push...but yesterday I was determined. Luckily, so was my son- determined to stay and play with his friend. (Which, I have to admit, made things lighter and easier.)

race (me and Emma and Sebastian after running Vår Russet)

So, Emma and I went running. (8K in about 35-40 minutes, which is not so bad considering). I felt heavy (not sure if it is due to the wagon or just the process of getting back into shape), but also felt a great sense of accomplishment for not putting off to tomorrow...

So anyway, I actually have a point to this post. I have a question...do you cross train, and if so, what are you doing? I have started doing Yoga in the evenings again, and I am thinking about swimming. I wonder if it is as boring as it seems ;-)


Blogger steffanie said...

A couple of months ago I was passed by a guy with a running waggon - when running up a hill!!! I was breathing heavily, concentrating on not to drop dead to the ground and he just jogged away from me not looking a bit troubled at all. That was depressing!

7:52 em  
Blogger BGAN said...

I do not cross train at the moment. But I think it is extremely good for us "motionslöpare" (too early for me to think about a translation). Last autumn my schedule was like two days jogging, 1 day weight lifting and one day on fixed bike. It worked very well, I did a lot of progress and it helped me to avoid injuries that I'm normally so sensitive to.

So why don't I continue to train in that way? I guess I would need a psycologist to explain that to me.

8:38 fm  
Blogger Steph said...

Don't feel bad Stef! These things are easier to push then they look. We passed tons of women at Vår Russet, but I don't think I would have run faster without the wagon. Actually, since I have trained with the wagon this entire time, I seem to run the same with or without it! Strange

(ok, well not anymore! Now they are too heavy :-P)

2:39 em  

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