måndag, juni 20, 2005

Running Podcasts

Here is an RSS feed to podcasts about running. Enjoy :-)

And here is the directory link...for those of you not using readers yet (shock, dismay ;-) )


Blogger BGAN said...

Very good info. I don't have any iPod so I have to listen to it directly on my PC. Do you know if it's possible to download the files to the PC (for later transfer to my phone that acts as a MP3 player)?

7:13 em  
Blogger Steph said...

Sorry this has taken me so long to respond to. I have been offline a lot (summer, you know ;-) Hmmm, not sure about this, but I can look it up. Can you use itunes for it?

12:20 em  
Blogger BGAN said...

I don't know, I'm illitterate in the itunes/ipod world. But don't worry, I can fix it with trixing a bit with Audacity and my phone, so it'll be ok.

8:52 fm  

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