torsdag, juni 09, 2005

one more sloooow runner :-)

I guess I should also introduce myself. I am a slow runner, otherwise know as Stephanie. I have run Stockholm marathon one time (5.20), and am training for Lidingöloppet at the moment. Like Steffanie said, I too will never be a fast runner, but that is not really the point for me. I run to feel free, to escape a little of the everyday and stretch my legs. I choose to run long because of the feeling you get after you hit the two hour mark...somewhere around 2 hours, you get this feeling of you can run and run forever! The long runs are also a great opportunity to really think, ask yourself all the tough questions :-P

I hope that this blog will get me excited, out of my office chair, and on the trail.

Goals for this year: Lidingöloppet (30k), Amsterdam Marathon (42k), mm

I hope to blog in both Swedish and English, but I should warn Swedish will, more than likely, be amusing to all of you that actually know Swedish!

Thanks for taking the initiative Steffanie! I think this will be a great collaboration! We should really print some t-shirts for when we race!


Blogger BGAN said...

Welcome aboard!

7:19 fm  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks :-) Excited to be here!

9:08 fm  
Blogger Jebo said...

Welcome! Let have some fun running together... well mentaly anyway... ;-)

7:46 em  

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