måndag, juni 20, 2005

back on the horse

Well, this weekend I officially got back on the horse. After a LONG period of running half heartedly, I really got back into the swing of things. While running yesterday I had to ask myself why I stopped. During the off period I told myself that I was just too busy, but that is just an excuse. The time I spend fretting about not running combined with the increased ability to concentrate after running really tells me that I don't have time NOT to run. I guess I am preaching to the choir here. We all know how it feels to pass the point of discomfort in a run and get to that place where it is just really nice...where you feel like you could continue forever! Here is to running forever ;-)


Blogger BGAN said...

You just inspired me! I got out and covered 14k. Not to quick and swift, but I moved my body the distance anyway!

7:15 em  
Blogger Steph said...

I am by no means quick! But covering the distance...learning to push your limits is the real point anyway! (at least for me :-P)

12:17 em  

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